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Our philosophy

Our team of professionals is distinguished by professionalism and the ability to respond as soon as possible to any dental problems for all patients who cross the address us. The Evrika Dent Clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments ranging from prophylaxis, restorative odontotherapy to oral surgery and implantology, microscopic endodontics, dental prosthesis, periodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry.

Oral Surgery and Implantology

The most common work of oral surgery in the dental office is dental extraction. This is usually required when the tooth suffers massive destruction due to dental caries or excessive mobility in periodontal disease.
A particular situation is that of the wisdom tooth that most often requires extraction due to disorders caused either by its caries destruction or by its impactation in the bone.
Subsequently, after extracting a tooth, depending on the patient’s status and the need for prosthesis, one can choose to insert a dental implant that will give both the masticatory and the aesthetic function.

Other oral surgery involves the removal of cysts, apical granulomas, apical resections, interventions on other included teeth. Implantology is also a branch of oral surgery that replaces “extracted root”.

Post-treatment instructions

  • the superalveolar dressing will be maintained for one hour after extraction
  • On the day of extraction a semi-liquid diet is recommended at room temperature, the mastication being performed on the area opposite to the extracted tooth
  • dairy products, mouth rinsing and carbonated beverages should be avoided in the first days after extraction
  • mild rinses with mouthwash containing chlorhexidine can be performed 1 day after extraction or you can use oral sprays with antiseptic properties
  • brushing will be done the morning after the day of extraction with gentle motions to avoid leaching the extraction area
  • in the following days you may experience edema, pain, and difficulty in opening the mouth
Microscope Endodontics

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of root canals. The evolution of teeth decay can lead to the nerve and once it is reached, the tooth nerve causing pain. Thus, it is necessary to work at the level of the root canals by removing the infected tissue and the subsequent restoration of the tooth. At the Evrika Dent we offer endodontic treatment at the highest current standards with the help of the dental microscope that gives doctors the “eagle eye”.
Worldwide, in current practice it is considered that correct endodontic treatment can only be done with the help of the dental microscope. This requires magnification and illumination of the root canal system, allowing the operator to observe even the smallest detail inside the tooth. All of these increase your chances of success close to 100% correct treatment. It is said that good root canal treatment is better than an implant.


Orthodontic treatment aims at aligning the teeth and achieving a stable bite in order to give pacients both correct functioning of the dento-maxillary system by effective chewing and to obtain a pleasant smile without cramps or dental spans. Treatment of orthodontic disorders can be performed at almost any age, either using mobile dental appliances (for children) or a wide range of fixed orthodontic brackets. Although the duration of orthodontic treatment take more time than other dentistry treatments, straightening of teeth by orthodontic appliances is a non-invasive and biological workpiece and is highly recommended.

Parodontology and prophylaxis of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a dental condition, mainly caused by bacteria, leading to loss of tissues that keep the tooth in the bone, followed by loss of teeth in lack of treatment. This type of affection has a close connection with the general state of health being influenced by certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, but also with daily hygiene habits (brushing twice daily, using dental floss, mouthwash, the oral shower significantly reduces the risk of periodontal disease).
Depending on the stage of the disease, treatment can be in office regular cleaning, root scaling.

Prosthetic dentistry

Once your teeth are destroyed or lost by bone boss, it is necessary to rest your prosthesis to obtain an effective chewing of  food and restore aesthetic function of your smile. Depending on each situation, the current dental procedures offers a wide range of restorations that include both fixed and mobile restorations. The usual fixed dental restorations include crowns, bridges, and finest works such as dental veneers and inlays. Mobile prostheses are the skeleton and total prostheses. We are waiting for you in the office to find the option that suits you best.

Pediatric dentistry

The Evrika team considers that visit to the dentist is of particular importance and dictates how they will address the dentist in adult life.

The first visit of children to the dentist should be carried out since the first tooth, since the health of these temporary teeth will influence the health of the permanent teeth and will avoid dental problems in adulthood.

In a calm and friendly atmosphere, we offer quality dental services to parents and helpful tips for parents to eventually prevent dental problems.