About Us

Evrika Dent

Evrika Dent project was born in 2017 in order to provide patients with an optimal environment for regaining proper oral health and for keeping it.

We firmly believe that dental prophylaxis sessions, regular checkups of golden rules in dentistry, both by patients and doctors, make the difference over time.

Our Team

Our team of professionals is distinguished by professionalism and the ability to respond promptly to any dental problems for all patients who walk in.

Evrika Dent Clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments ranging from prophylactic sessions, restorative dentistry , pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, with emphasize on microscopic endodontics and oral surgery.

Some of our services

Oral surgery

The most common work of oral surgery performed in the dental office is dental extraction.

Microscope endodontics

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of root canals.


Orthodontic treatment aims at aligning the teeth and achieving a stable bite and getting a pleasant smile without cramps or dental spans.



Periodontal disease is a dental condition, mainly caused by bacteria, leading to the destruction of tissues that hold the tooth in the bone.

Prosthetic dentistry

Once the teeth have been destroyed or lost, a prosthetic restoration (either fixed or removable) is required to achieve effective food chewing.

Pediatric dentistry

Evrika team considers that kids’ visit to the dentist is of particular importance and dictates how they will address the dentist in adult life.